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  • 15-16 | 2021
    Textual Scholarship in the Twenty-First Century
  • 14 | 2019
    Variants cover, 14 | 2019

    From production to transmission, from genesis to reception, text is an infinitely complex object of study that we can approach and represent from a wide range of perspectives. Influenced by technological inventions and transnational trends, the field of textual scholarship continues to evolve: we refine or alter our methodologies and we broaden our research focus. Technological developments have become a research topic in and by themselves, as we study how digitality affec(...)

  • 12-13 | 2016
    Variants cover, 12-13 | 2016

    This double issue of Variants: the Journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship is the first to appear in Open Access on the platform.  In subject matter, this issue offers a wide scope covering the music manuscripts of the thirteenth-century French trouvère poet Thibaut de Champagne (expertly discussed by Christopher Callahan and Daniel E. O’Sullivan) to the digital genetic dossier of the twenty-first century Spanish experimental writer Robert Juan-C(...)

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