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Since 1983, the journal Terrain has been taking a singular approach to contemporary societies, nourished by ethnography and openness to other human and social sciences. It aims to be scientific in its content while remaining accessible to non-specialists through its presentation and writing. Open to international research and to other human and social science disciplines, it aims to shed light on the most varied, and sometimes least known, aspects of the societies of yesterday and today.

Online sections

The on-line sections of Terrain are published in continuous flow, in full text and in free open access.


Original studies of cases or situations, leading the reader to discover through experience the importance of the theoretical questions raised, from all disciplines of the human sciences.


The state of anthropological knowledge on a question in an accessible form. Preconceived ideas, false evidence, frequent doubts or counter-intuitive notions are addressed, in the form of a simple question, to a specialist who thwarts the traps, draws up the state of the art and presents the current issues.


Portraits of those who do or have done human sciences, in various formats (interview, personal account, video, photography, analysis of documents and works).


Specialists are invited to comment on detective stories or other novels, films, plays, etc., dealing with fields or themes with which they are familiar in order to explore the virtues of anthropological fiction.

Readings and debates

To stir up controversy: confrontation of several points of view on an issue, an article or a work, around anthropology but also by opening up to researchers from other disciplines.

Thematic issues

Terrain publishes two thematic issues per year in the form of a beautiful and richly illustrated book. These are published in bookstores in April and October, varying the formats around a single theme: empirical or theoretical article, portfolio, interview, story... These contents can be found on this site in full text and in free access.

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