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Air Quality Policies and Urban transport in Indian Cities

Interview with Ranjit Gadgil, program director at the NGO PARISAR
Politiques de la qualité de l’air et transports urbains dans les villes indiennes. Entretien avec Ranjit Gadgil, directeur de programme au sein de l’ONG PARISAR
Bertrand Lefebvre
p. 177-188

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Introduction and background
The current state of urban transport and air quality in India
Government initiatives and policies
Intersectorality and scales
Science and Awareness

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Introduction and background

B-L: Can you introduce yourself and your background? What motivated you to work on transport and air pollution in India?

My name is Ranjit Gadgil and I currently serve as the Program Director of the NGO Parisar, with whom I have been associated since 2006. In 2005, a year after I had returned to India after a ten-year stay in the U.S (where I studied and worked), I met with Maj. Gen. (retd) S.C.N Jatar, a senior activist. He mentioned an entity called the Pune Traffic and Transportation Forum (PTTF) which had been created by the coming together of half a dozen NGOs and individuals, and which sought to advocate for sustainable transport solutions in Pune. Parisar, then headed by Sujit Patwardhan, was also a member of PTTF and that is how I got connected with Parisar for the first time. At that time Parisar was focused on urban transport issues, since the city was undergoing big changes on that front, which were affecting many aspects of urban life. The threa...

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Bertrand Lefebvre, « Air Quality Policies and Urban transport in Indian Cities »Suds, 288 | 2023, 177-188.

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Bertrand Lefebvre, « Air Quality Policies and Urban transport in Indian Cities »Suds [En ligne], 288 | 2023, mis en ligne le 01 avril 2024, consulté le 15 juin 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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Bertrand Lefebvre

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