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9 | 2024
Gender in Slave and Post-Emancipation Societies

Le genre dans les sociétés esclavagistes et post-esclavagistes
El género en las sociedades esclavistas y post-esclavistas
O gênero nas sociedades escravistas e pós-escravistas
Edited by Nathan E. Marvin and Sarah J. Zimmerman
Gender in Slave and Post-Emancipation Societies
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Credits: Image courtesy of the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies Winterton Collection, Northwestern University Libraries

This thematic dossier aims to show that the matrices for the construction of gender, race and freedom developed in the Atlantic go beyond this geographical framework. They have imposed themselves on all slave-owning and post-slave-owning societies, regardless of location or actors, and shape the way they are approached, whether in Africa or the Middle East. The editorial team dedicates this issue to Maryse Condé, who has just left this world, but who leaves a legacy rich in stories about slavery and post-slavery in the Caribbean and Africa. Honor and respect!

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