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Founded in 1967 at the University of Strasbourg, Ranam (Recherches anglaises et nord-américaines) is an annual journal published by the Presses universitaires de Strasbourg. The journal is aimed at a public of French and international academics interested in the cultures of the English-speaking world in their diversity. The articles published come from a variety of disciplinary fields and theoretical perspectives such as history, visual studies, linguistics and literature. They cover various geographical areas of the English-speaking world from the Middle Ages to the present day. Ranam volumes are organized around themes that shed light on specific aspects of English-speaking cultures. The journal explores the various fields of Anglophone studies and adopts an interdisciplinary perspective. It focuses on the construction of culture in the English-speaking world, considering culture as a dynamic continuum shaped by societal changes and linguistic evolutions. Ranam places the study and theorization of culture in the English-speaking world at the heart of its editorial project.

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