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Style notes

"Quaderni di Sociologia" publishes unpublished texts only, both in Italian or English language.

The articles are evaluated by the editorial board first, then by the double peer review procedure. The activity of this second procedure is available on this specific address: The journal will give the outcome of the evaluation within four months from the date of texts' receipt.

All the texts must be sent to this address: They have to be in .doc or pdf format. Name, institution, address, phone number and e-mail of the author must be indicated.

For the double blind review, it must be sent also a file in which any author's reference is not included.

The texts must be written in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Every article has to be accompanied by a short abstract (10 lines, in English). The title must be translated too.

  2. The numbers of all the fonts used in the articles must be specified (spaces included). The articles addressed to "Società contemporanea" and "Teoria e ricerca" must not exceed 50.000 fonts (spaces included; 2000 characters). The articles addressed to "il documento", "controversie sociologiche" and "note e testimonianze" must not exceed 18.000 fonts.

  3. Notes have to be written as footnotes.

  4. Figures, tables and graphics must be sent in a separate file, in a format that can be modified. It must be indicated the place in which they have to be inserted. The following dimensions are required for the images: 300 dpi, .jpg .eps .tiff, grey scale. Alternatively, they can be sent printed, so they can be scanned.

  5. Bibliographical references must be inserted in the text, by reporting the surname of the author, the publication's year and the page numbers cited. For example: Simmel (1908), or (Simmel, 1908); or (Simmel, 1908, 225). When the authors are more than two, you can use the abbreviation et al.
    The bibliographic references must be indicated at the end of the text, in alphabetical order, with the author's surname first and, for every author, the publications chronological order (for works written by the same author, in the same year, please use the list a, b, c). When a work is written by different authors, you must insert all the surnames. When a book is edited by an author, please insert his surname followed by (edited by), for the foreign editions too.
    Please follow the examples:
    Parsons T. (1968),
    Il ruolo dell’identità nella teoria generale dell’azione, in Sciolla L. (a cura di) (1983), Identità. Percorsi di analisi in sociologia, Torino, Rosenberg & Sellier.
    Id. (1978),
    Action Theory and the Human Condition, New York, Free Press.
    Id. (1990), Prolegomeni a una teoria delle istituzioni sociali, Roma, Armando, 1995.
    Parsons T., Fox R.C. e Lidz V.M. (1972), The «Gift of Life» and Its Reciprocation, «Social Research», XXXIX, 3, pp. 367-415.
    The titles of books, essays, articles and encyclopaedia's entries must be in italics, as the titles of law or conference proceedings too. In quotation marks (« ») you have to put all the periodical publications (journals including). Names of town have to be written in the original language and have to be placed before the name of the publishing house. The words in the titles must be written as in the original version (capital or small letters).

  6. Others recommendations:
    - Paragraph and subparagraph must be numerated.
    - The use of italics should be limited. Please not use either the underlined or the bold type too. The italics is reserved to the foreign words, except those now used in the common language; to the words you want to underline; to the titles of works and articles cited in the text; to the titles of the paragraph (subparagraph must be written in standard type); to the imagines, graphic and tables titles. Names of associations and institutions, also if foreign, must be written in standard type.
    - Please not write the name of the authors using upper letters only.
    - Figures, tables and graphs have to be recalled in the text in full (for example: as it can be seen in the table 1) or in abridged form (in brackets).
    - Abbreviations must be written in standard type (for example:
    Usa, Oecd)
    - Use angle bracket for citations and quotation marks for terms or expressions used by analogy.
    When you refer to a work contained in the last note, you must write ivi, followed by the indication of the page number (for example: ivi, 31); ibidem, if you refer not only to the same work, but also to the same page.
    - Use p. and pp. instead of page and pages; fig. and figg.; vol. and voll.; n. and nn.; ecc.

  7. In the case in which your article is accepted, you will receive both the drafts and the release (the release has to be signed and sent back with the drafts).

  8. The drafts must be sent back by the date indicated. The eventual cost of author's corrections (not printing errors) will be debited to the author. These actions will be done only with the subscription of a letter of agreement.

  9. The author will receive the journal that contains his articles in a pdf format and the file of his article in a pdf format too.

The books you want to propose for the section "note e testimonianze" can be sent to: prof.ssa Paola Borgna, «Quaderni di Sociologia», Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze dell’Educazione, via Gaudenzio Ferrari 9-11, 10124, Torino.

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