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1Dear readers and authors.

2Thanks to your support, Œconomia has established itself among international academic journals in the fields of history of economic thought, economic philosophy and economic methodology. The last three years of published articles and book reviews have made it possible to delineate the aims and scope of the journal.

3Today, we want to reinforce the development of the journal.

4As the editor-in-chief of Œconomia, it is my pleasure to announce that Œconomia is now evolving. It is becoming more international and relying on a growing team of managing editors. It is becoming an open access journal. It is benefiting from electronic publishing to innovate.

5The team of associate editors has been enlarged and is now more international, reflecting the journal’s increasingly diverse readership and author base, and the fact that the journal will be publishing mainly in English going forward. It is also planned that the team of associate editors and the editorial board will be refreshed regularly. Associate editors and board members are involved in the screening of papers submitted to the journal, and they contribute to the preparation of thematic issues. Œconomia relies also heavily on referees (​392) to make sure that articles published in the journal meet the highest professional standards. I warmly thank all those who have given time and energy to submit detailed reports over the past three years. I am also proud to benefit from an excellent team of managing editors who have been instrumental to the success of the journal. Without them the journal could not function!

6Many countries are now officially supporting the principles of “open access” to the results of public research. Œconomia will be a part of this movement towards an open access thanks to the support of OpenEdition, a French institution supporting online edition of academic journals. From now on, Œconomia will be available at The articles published in the journal will be available immediately in open access (full text at the HTML format). The back issues will be gradually accessible during year 2014 while new issues will be immediately accessible. The PDFs with page numbering of each article are available on subscription through the OpenEdition Freemium program. If your institution does not subscribe to this program, we encourage you to promote the OpenEdition Freemium program (​8873?lang=en) to your librarian (and to request a free trial). For individuals and institutions, it is still possible to get a printed issue of the journal through the print on demand (POD) service at OpenEdition. The website of the journal offers a wide range of tools to help you search articles and be kept informed of the latest updates.

7From this point forward, all submissions to Œconomia must be registered via the online submission platform Manuscrits at​index.php/​oeconomia/​.

8For any information about the journal, about subscriptions, printed issues, proposals, please mail us at

9The new website of Œconomia provides us with the opportunity to set up original publishing projects and to make available to readers ancillary resources (e.g. piece of archives, data). Please note that some calls for papers which appear on the site (​364) are without a fixed deadline, indicating that the journal supports a regular publication of articles on a given topic. Also, Œconomia is launching a permanent call for long articles and surveys that would not be accepted in most journals and that would not be long enough to be published as monographs.

10We look forward to your continued support of Œconomia and encourage you to consider submitting your work to the journal.

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Jean-Sébastien Lenfant, « Editorial »Œconomia, 4-1 | 2014, 1-2.

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Jean-Sébastien Lenfant, « Editorial »Œconomia [En ligne], 4-1 | 2014, mis en ligne le 01 mars 2014, consulté le 20 juin 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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Jean-Sébastien Lenfant


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