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Economic Imperialism

Editors : Pedro Teixeira and Annie L. Cot

Deadline for submission: June 15th, 2012.

Planed publication of the issue: 2013.

The last decades have seen the growing confidence of economists to tackle a number of socio‐economic topics with standard economic tools. This project has been significantly fostered by Gary Becker and has become a distinguishing feature of the Chicago School. The initial strong resistance, within and outside economics, has been giving way to a growing acceptance as a result of changes in other social sciences, namely through the increasing pervasiveness of rational choice theory in fields such as sociology, political science or demography. The recent success of freakonomics (an offspring of the economic approach to human behavior) shows that economic imperialism has established itself as a way for explaining facts that are far beyond the core of economics. Economic imperialism thus appears as a monistic project whose goal is to explain social phenomena on the basis of a unique tool: rational choice theory. Œconomia‐History/Methodology/Philosophy wishes to publish a panel of articles dealing with the history of economic imperialism. Notably, a historical approach to the following issues would be welcome:

  • The origins and development of Rational Choice Theory within the Chicago Schhool.

  • The penetration and uses of Rational Choice Theory within sociology, demography, political sciences (especially in relation with the use of game theory) and history.

  • The analysis of some of the central notions of "the economic approach to human behavior": human capital, opportunity costs, and allocation of time.

  • The study of specific issues in economics, enhancing the evolution of arguments for and against the application of rational behavior to crime, marriage, discrimination, education, etc.

  • Transformations in policy recommendations that can be explicitly traced back to the application of economic imperialism.

  • The role of experimental economics in enhancing or weakening the uses of Rational Choice Theory in socio‐economic policies.

Authors are invited to submit an article at: http://www.editorialmanager/oec. For any complementary question, please contact us at

Editors should retain the right not to go ahead with the special issue if they do not receive enough papers of sufficient quality. If there are some strong papers, but not enough, then they could be published as stand‐alone papers.

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