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Acerca da revista

MIDAS is an interdisciplinary and reflexive journal dedicated to the study of museums, with peer-review, published twice a year and is fully open access. MIDAS has an international scope, and is particularly committed to enhance and promote dialogue between professionals and researchers from Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.

MIDAS will publish articles that foster the problematization of themes, transposing different disciplines, territories, perspectives and visions, and result in investigations of cross-fertilization with hybrid boundary borders. It presents itself as an unconfined questioning space in which knowledge is understood as being impermanent and open to the other.

The journal is open to all professionals, students and researchers who aim to reflect on themes related to museums world and its practices. The journal accepts articles that demonstrate a good theoretical frame, are innovative, and original.

Current open issue
18 | 2024 (Open issue)

Edited by Ana Carvalho, Alexandra Curvelo, Elisa Noronha, Paulo Simões Rodrigues and Pedro Casaleiro
Capa MIDAS 18
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Credits: © Everton Leite. Conceção da capa: Elisa Noronha

Publication history

Número em preparação (n.º 18), aberto em janeiro de 2024, que vai publicando os textos à medida que cada processo de revisão científica e editorial esteja finalizado.

3 latest texts

Latest issue
17 | 2023

Edited by Ana Carvalho, Paulo Simões Rodrigues, Pedro Casaleiro and Raquel Henriques da Silva
Capa MIDAS 17
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Credits: © Aurélien Mole. Conceção da capa: Elisa Noronha
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