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Vol. XI – n° 2 | 2013
Latinotopia-USA: International Perspectives on the Transforming USA in the 21st Century

Latinotopia-USA: Perspectives internationales sur les États-Unis en mutation au XXIe siècle
Sous la direction de Karin Ikas et Francisco A Lomelí

From all indications, Latinotopia is about to become an increasingly domestic influence as well as an international or rather transnational phenomenon triggered by an ever-growing Latino and Spanish-speaking population worldwide. Nevertheless, domestic and global politics as well as a large section of the (inter)national and interdisciplinary research community still do not pay sufficient attention to these striking developments and transformations in this Third Millennium. This LISA e-journal number aims to contribute to closing this research gap from an international and interdisciplinary angle, bringing together a broad roster of interested critics and specialists from far corners of the globe who submitted innovative critical and interdisciplinary vistas on the burgeoning real and discursive landscape of “Latinotopia-USA”.

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