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Vol. I - n°1 | 2003
Images of Derision, Images of Exaltation in the British Isles from the 18th to the 20th Century

National Issues, International Perspectives
Images de dérision, images d’exaltation dans les îles britanniques du XVIIIe au XXe siècle – Enjeux nationaux, perspectives internationales
Sous la direction de Renée Dickason et Gilbert Millat

The content of this inaugural number of La Revue LISA/LISA e-journal falls into two parts. The first, larger, section, entitled Images of derision, images of exaltation , The British Isles from the 18th to the 20th Century, National Issues, International Perspectives, originated in the colloquium organised by Renée Dickason and Gilbert Millat at the University of Lille III in October 2002. This selection of articles is followed by essays, under the heading of VARIA, which have New York as a common point.

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