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Animal Rights Activism

Animal Rights Activism

A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements
Kerstin Jacobsson, Jonas Lindblom, Animal Rights Activism. A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements, Croydon, Amsterdam University Press, coll. « Protest and Social Movements », 2017, 160 p., ISBN : 9789089647641.
Notice publiée le 07 juin 2017

Présentation de l'éditeur

Animal Rights Activism: A Moral-Sociological Perspective on Social Movements develops a novel theoritical perspective on social movements. For the first time, Durkheim's sociology of morals is made productive for social movement theorizing. Based on an original reading of Durkheim as well as a study of animal rights activists in Sweden, the authors advance new theoretical approaches to moral reflexivity, emotion work, secular religion and deviance management in social movements. The animal rights movement challenges dominant moral conceptions in a more fundamental way than perhaps any other contemporary social movement. The book explores the consequences for activists of this outsider position in the moral order.

Animal Rights Activism fills a gap in the social movement literatures by conceiving of social movements as essentially moral phenomena and morality as a social fact; as such, morality both enables and constrains the action that activists can pursue. This perspective complements the structural, cultural and strategic action-inspired approaches that dominate the field of social movement analysis. In addition, the book richly illustrates how classical sociological theory can be applied in innovative ways to better understand contemporary societies.

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Kerstin Jacobsson

Kerstin Jacobsson is Professor of Sociology at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jonas Lindblom

Jonas Lindblom is Associate Professor of Sociology at Mälardalen University, Sweden.

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