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Public Policy and Professional Sports

Public Policy and Professional Sports

International and Australian Experiences
John K. Wilson, Richard Pomfret, Public Policy and Professional Sports. International and Australian Experiences, Edward Elgar Publishing, coll. « New Horizons in the Economics of Sport series », 2014, 192 p., ISBN : 9781782546238.
Notice publiée le 28 octobre 2014

Présentation de l'éditeur

Public Policy and Professional Sports ?is a comprehensive analysis of public policy aspects of the economics of professional sports, supported by in-depth international case studies. It covers regulation and competition in the sports industry and its labour markets, public spending on stadiums and mega-events, and governance issues including unethical behaviour (corruption, doping, etc). The innovative feature of the work is the combination of economic analysis and well-known international examples with detailed case studies? of public policy as it relates to sport in Australia. Australia?is an excellent case study due to the high profile of sport in the national psyche and the range of popular professional sports.

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