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Lectures is an open access French-language e-journal, dedicated entirely to the review and critical assessment of current publications in the domain of international social science. Created by Liens Socio, the French website for the social sciences, it is distributed by OpenEdition.

Our goal is to offer as complete a panorama of current social science issues as possible, through reviews of the most recent publications in the field: books, journal issues and articles, films, documentaries, and more. Our reviews are produced by a vast network of specialists in the full range of social science disciplines. Access to all contents of Lectures is free.

Reporting current social science

The journal Lectures grew out of the success of the section of the same name on the French website Liens Socio. Created in 2005, this section was responsible for the publication of an ever-increasing number of reviews of books and journals received by Liens Socio as the website flourished and developed into a point of reference in the social sciences.

In the spring of 2011, in its sixth year of publication and with hundreds of reviews to its credit, the “Lectures” section of Liens Socio became a wholly separate e-journal, dedicated to the most up-to-date research and publications in the social sciences.

Led by a completely autonomous editorial committee, Lectures publishes reviews, reports, and critical reading notes for recent publications originating in the various domains of the social sciences. It also dedicates itself to reporting on the launch of new periodicals, the appearance of new collections, seminars, events and scientific conferences connected to the latest and most topical debates in the field.

In Lectures, you will find all of the reviews that originally appeared in Liens Socio, along with those published since the creation of the independent review in Spring 2011: more than 2000 reviews, written by more than 600 contributors. Each month more than 30 additional reviews appear...

Navigation of the content of Lectures is made easier thanks to a highly efficient search engine, as well as readily available indexes that allow the reader to browse the contents by author, publisher, discipline, keywords, geographical location, and more.

Who writes Lectures?

The e-journal Lectures, under the direction of Pierre Mercklé, is managed and produced by an editorial team based in Lyon (France). It is supported by an Editorial Board composed of specialists from different fields in social sciences. Above all it is the efforts of the contributing reviewers that make Lectures what it is.

Lectures benefits from the technical, financial and human support of diverse partners, who despite their precious contribution, have no influence on its content. The journal is completely independent on an editorial and scientific level, and it is important to note that we maintain no relationship with any social science publishers that might risk creating any kind of conflict of interest.

How does Lectures work?

Lectures is based on the same fundamental principle as the website Liens Socio: “All content is made by you!”

To put it another way: if you are the author or publisher of a social science book, periodical, even a film or a documentary, and if you would like it to be mentioned and considered for review in Lectures, all you have to do is send a copy to the following address:

ENS de Lyon
15 parvis René Descartes – BP 7000
69342 Lyon Cedex 07

Conversely, if you are interested in writing a review in French of a recent publication that has been received by Lectures, all you have to do is to let us know by clicking on the “Propose a review” button on our website.

We will then send you a copy of the requested publication, that you may keep as a modest reward for your effort! In exchange you will have a month in which to write and submit your review. It will then be processed and published online by our team, provided its contents comply to our charter and have been positively evaluated by our Editorial Board.

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