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Publish a review in the Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage

KIK-IRPA is calling for critical reviews of recent books. They may be written in French, Dutch or English.


The author presents the publication in an analytical manner - the issues considered, the arguments and methodology raised, the disciplinary field, the conclusions - and comments critically on some or all of the theses put forward. Criticism should be courteous and constructive. It encourages discussion between specialists on the subject in question.

Terms of submission

In French, Dutch or English

Text input: MS Word

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point (body text) and 10 point (footnotes)

Spacing: single

Between 7.000 and 8.000 characters (including spaces, notes and bibliography)

In doc. or docx. format.

Bibliographical references must follow the rules proposed for articles in the journal (see Modalities and style guide).

Please note the full reference of the publication at the beginning of the review:
Jean Luc Meulemeester, Tafelen in een bad… en ietsje meer. Brugse stoven tijdens de late middeleeuwen, Bruges, 2022, 128 p., 170 ill., D.2022/0355/1

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