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Submission guidelines

Instructions aux auteurs

All articles submitted to Film Journal should be of 5,000-10,000 words in length. They must be in English, conform to the format laid down in the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) with humanities-style citations/references (numbered footnotes and bibliography—see, and be accompanied as a separate attachment by a brief curriculum vitae (200 words maximum) for the author or each author in a multi-authored work, brief abstract (200 words) and 5 key words.

Illustrative/visual material may be included in the submission but the necessary legal rights to reproduce it must be secured in advance and the material provided in a separate file per image, labelled Fig 1, 2, etc., and the position in the text indicated in the text. Film Journal itself has no resources for the acquisition of reproduction rights.

Authors of articles must attest that their article is a wholly original work written by the author or authors himself/herself/themselves. Film Journal will publish nothing that is insulting or libellous and takes no responsibility for authors’ opinions or the accuracy of statements of fact.

It is requested that article submissions are double-spaced, with page numbers appearing in the top right-hand corner. The preferred font is Times New Roman 12.

Articles should be sent – attached to an email entitled Film Journal – as a Word or Open Office Format file to the editor: Cristelle Maury cristelle.maury[at]

The author or authors’ contact details (name, position, institutional affiliation, mail address, and best telephone number) should be included in the email. The article itself should be headed only with the title and the author or authors’ name(s) and affiliation(s).

All articles are peer reviewed by at least two specialists on the particular subject. Strict anonymity is maintained for both authors and reviewers.

Even after an article has been accepted, the editor and editorial board reserve the right to ask for changes and amendments. Articles submitted to Film Journal must not simultaneously be submitted to any other journal.

It is a condition of publication that authors assign copyright in their articles to Film Journal. If subsequent republication, in whole or in part, is desired, Film Journal requires only that due notice is given and that acknowledgement of the original source of publication is made.

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