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38-2 | 2013
Ulster-Scots in Northern Ireland today: Language, Culture, Community

Sous la direction de Wesley Hutchinson

Notes de la rédaction



Études Irlandaises would like to thank the following individuals and bodies for permission to reproduce material in this volume:

– William Davison, for permission to reproduce “Yin Life”; John Erskine for permission to reproduce “Tha Merle bi Lagan’s Loch”; Willie Drennan for permission to reproduce a passage from “Andy Blair”; James Fenton, for permission to reproduce “Jeerin the Jum” and “A Nighber Wumman”; Dan Gordon, for permission to reproduce a scene from The Boat Factory; Jennifer Orr for permission to reproduce her message; Philip Robinson for permission to reproduce “Ayont the knowes”;

– The Ulster-Scots Language Society for permission to reproduce the “Dolly McQuoit” passage from The Humour of Druid’s Island by Archibald McIlroyand Samuel Turner’s, “Leezie McMinn”;

– The Ulster-Scots Community Network for permission to reproduce a page from Fergie an Freens oan tha Fairm and the translation of the relevant passage into English.

I would also like to thank Anne Smyth, Philip Robinson, Ivan Herbison and Eull Dunlop for their invaluable help as intermediaries with several of the authors whose work is reproduced here and for their advice on detailed points of translation. Any mistakes that may remain are entirely my fault.

Thanks also go to Liz Hoey, Local Studies Librarian, Ballymena Library, for her ongoing generous assistance.

A note on terminology

Readers may be puzzled by the variety of terms and spellings used in the following articles : Ulster-Scots, Ulster Scots, Ullans… Given that the choice of each of the contributors is the result of a conscious decision – some actually explain their preference for a particular form – it has been thought best simply to respect their preferred orthography or terminology.


The views expressed in this volume are those of the individual authors. They do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or of Études Irlandaises.

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