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Call for papers - open

N° 85 (1/2024) - The Philosophy of the City

Deadline for submission: December 31st, 2022
Alessandro Armando e Nicola Siddi

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Today, approximately 55 per cent of the world’s population lives in cities, and this percentage, according to the UN’s World Urbanization Prospects 2018, is set to grow to 68 per cent in 2050. The future of humanity seems therefore tied to the urban dimension and in the last few decades an increasing attention to the nature of the city has been indeed observed.

Cities are complex entities. It is possible to approach them from a metaphysical and/or epistemological point of view, dealing with questions such as what cities are, whether there are ontological differences between villages, towns, cities, and megacities, whether living in a city changes or not the individual psychology, or what disciplines and which kind of theories can explain urban dynamics and phenomena.

Cities, however, can also be approached keeping in mind their relationships with the environment. In this frame, how conceiving and designing sustainable or green cities become relevant, as well as how human-wildlife conflicts and interactions should be managed, given that cities always host a huge number of non-human animals (among which there are our pets). And what about the relationship between urban density and diseases? Should cities be different in the post-pandemic era?

These are some examples of the many research strands that can be developed in the frame of a philosophical analysis of the city. This issue of Rivista di Estetica encourages submissions about these and related topics.

  • Ontology and epistemology of the city

  • Psychology and the city

  • Urban inclusiveness and segregation

  • Green and sustainable cities

  • Urban aesthetics

  • The city as the theatre of social conflict

  • The future of the city

  • The city of non-human animals

  • City, healthcare, and pandemics

  • Technology and the city

Articles must be written in English or Italian and should not exceed 40,000 characters, notes and blank spaces included.

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