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Call for papers - closed

N° 82 (1/2023) - Unpacking the social world: groups and solidarity

Deadline for submission: January 8, 2022
Francesco Camboni, Raul Hakli e Valeria Martino
p. 01/05/2021

“Sociality” is a fuzzy word that can be found in a wide range of scopes and debates, from antiquity to the contemporary age. Notwithstanding or rather just in virtue of its wide currency, however, there is no explicit consensus on the meaning “sociality” has. While biology and sociology have rather wide notions of sociality, the focus of social ontology is on the social world, that is, the ontological domain which is populated by social entities. While according to some sociality occurs as long as there is interaction among people, involving joint commitments and plural subjects, others refer to the social world as mostly made of institutional facts or social objects, or deal with social actions and practices.


This issue of Rivista di Estetica aims at shedding light on sociality by addressing two core classic subjects of social philosophy: groups and solidarity. Indeed, groups are the most obvious result of sociality as the tendency of grouping, depending on living and interacting with others. On the other hand, as another branch of sociality, solidarity has only recently attracted remarkable attention from social and political philosophers; while some propose to unpack it in terms of joint action, others explore the forms of mutual recognition that are combined in solidarity.


  • Topics and research questions include (but are not limited to):

  • The nature and identity of social groups;

  • Is sociality a constitutive feature of groups of people?

  • The nature of solidarity, and – if any – its opposite;

  • The kind of psychological mechanisms involved in dynamics of solidarity;

  • Is solidarity related to some distinctive group kind?

  • Is solidarity a necessary or sufficient condition for group formation?


Instructions: Submissions focusing on other aspects of social groups and solidarity, both from a theoretical and an ethical point of view are welcome. Articles must be written in English or in Italian and should not exceed 40.000 characters, notes and blank-spaces included.


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