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Call for papers - closed

Philosophy and Literature

Rivista di Estetica (2/2019)

Advisory Editors

Carola Barbero (Università di Torino)

Micaela Latini (Università di Cassino)

Mail to:

Deadline for Submission

April 30th, 2018


Until now interdisciplinary research concerning philosophy and literature has focused mainly on aesthetics, philosophy of language and literary studies. The point is that these different research areas have rarely met, preferring to work separately the ones from the others on the same subject.
The aim of this special issue of “Rivista di Estetica” is to bring finally together top researchers in all these fields trying to confront their results and their methods and, as far as philosophy is concerned, we will take into consideration both the analytic and the continental tradition.
“Rivista di Estetica” invites submissions on all aspects concerning literature and philosophy. We will consider both papers within the philosophical tradition movement as well as discussions of the significance of literature for philosophy and philosophy for literature. Central questions for this issue will be: Is philosophy just a kind of literature? Is literature able to resist philosophical analysis? What kind of language and reference is at stake in literary writings? What is the role of literature between aesthetics and philosophy of language? What is the difference between philosophy of literature and philosophy in literature? “Rivista di Estetica” encourages submissions on these and related questions. Articles must be written in English/Italian and should not exceed 6,000 words.

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