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Created in 2007 and published by Presses universitaires de Louvain, Émulations is a francophone social science journal. Its multidisciplinary vocation allows it to explore in a new light classic social science topics such as the scientific construction of gender, health inequalities or migration, but also to take a fresh look at more unusual objects such as urban nightlife, games or love.

Latest issue
46 | 2023
(Dist)danses: une anthropologie des danses sur internet

(Dist)dances : an anthropology of dance on the Internet
Edited by Elina Djebbari, Mahalia Lassibille and Laura Steil

What we call the (dist)dances, the dances mediated by audiovisual forms circulating on the internet, have been in constant development since the emergence of social networks and medias platforms. Particularly visible during the pandemic period, they do not only represent a “default” mode but they also constitute choices, opportunities and resources seized by dancers. This special issue therefore aims to contribute to the analysis of the issues and effects of the digitalization of dance practices and to highlight the specificities of the processual and interactional dynamics of (dist)dances. By showing the diversity of dancers’ digital uses, the volume raises epistemological, methodological and thematic questions. Documenting and analyzing the (dist)dances by capturing them through the ethnographic method makes it possible to unveil continua between online and offline as well as between modes of creation, performance and transmission that are globalized and situated at once.

Editor's notes

Coordination éditoriale (au sein d’Émulations) par Isabelle Jabiot


Le numéro sera intégralement mis en ligne dès qu'il sera publié aux Presses Universitaires de Louvain.

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