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« Chrétiens et Sociétés XVIe-XXIe siècles », is a journal of history of the religions in the early modern and modern eras. It is centered on the study of the various Christian confessions but remains open to other religion and is in constant dialogue with the other sectors of the social sciences. The first issue was published in 1994. Founded under the auspices of the André Latreille Center (Lyon 2 university) and of the Institute of History of Christianity (Lyon 3 university), it is today produced by the researchers in religious history of the Rhône-Alpes’ historical Research Laboratory called LARHRA (UMR 5190). Whereas the first issues especially reported centers’ activities : articles issued of the papers presented in our seminars, conference proccedings and thesis defence reports, lists of the masters and postmasters dissertations submitted in the universities of Lyon and Chambéry, as well as the list of publications by the members of the research center. Since 2011, these activities appear in an other journal called Les Carnets du LARHRA, which allows Chrétiens et Sociétés to focus on articles and book reviews. Today it alternates thematic issues and varia, as well as publishing special issues on specific topics. It is endowed with an international reading committee.

All the issues of "Chrétiens et Sociétés" are put online from earliest to latest. This work started in 2007. The two first issues (1-1994 et 2-1995) had been put online with the 2007’s issue because they are out of print. The electronic files had been destroyed, and we had to scan the paper issues held at our Library.

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