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6 | 2023
30 ans après le Web… Big bang dans les institutions de savoirs?

30 years after the Web... Big Bang in knowledge institutions?
Edited by Ghislaine Chartron, Benoît Epron and Pascal Robert

This thematic issue looks at the evolution of knowledge institutions in the light of changes in the information industry in the post-Web world. Born in the '50s and structured in the '70s and '80s, the information society was profoundly restructured by the arrival of the web, bringing in its wake a profound questioning of the positioning of institutions in their relationship to knowledge and their vocation to transmit it.

In 1989, when Tim Berners Lee developed the Web to share knowledge among scientists, he may not have been aware of the knowledge revolution he was about to initiate. The Web has progressively hybridised with other innovations (mobile apps, social networks, etc.) and new paradigms (participation, platforms, the semantic Web, open access, data science, etc.), shaking up the way we think, design, act and how we pass things on to others. A little more than thirty years later, what has happened? How can we compare, in a diachronic line, the production and circulation of knowledge in the post-web era, at a time when profound transformations in the elaboration of knowledge are also at stake?

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