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The journal Anglophonia (Caliban/Sigma) was created in 1997 and published by Presses universitaires du Midi following the merger of Sigma and Caliban. Anglophonia/Caliban, the first annual issue, focuses on English-language literature and civilisation. Anglophonia/Sigma, the second annual issue, is devoted entirely to the English language. The journal publishes articles in French and English.
The journal ceased publication with issue 35 | 2014. Since then, Anglophonia and Caliban have published separately on their respective websites.

Latest issue
35 | 2014
Traditions sur mesure : exploration des poétiques expérimentales américaines, de H.D. à Michael Heller

Tailor-Made Traditions: The Poetics of US Experimental Verse from H.D. to Michael Heller
Edited by Clément Oudart

This issue of Anglophonia/Caliban investigates the mechanics of canon formation and the stakes of literary identity in 20th and 21st U.S. poetry. Questions of literary history and influence, philosophical and spiritual legacy, generational agon and originality are tackled in the works of early modernists through a variety of postwar and contemporary poets. All contributors seek to explore the way poets—and/or/as critics—fashion the tradition in which they wish to write themselves, through the intermingling of their critical and theoretical writings, their prose and poetry works, the politics of groups and little magazines, as well as their epistolary and/or social relations.

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