Revue d'histoire culturelle. XVIIIe-XXIe siècles

Founded in 2020, Revue d'histoire culturelle examines cultural history through an interdisciplinary historical lens. The journal is the spiritual descendant of the histoire des mentalités and histoire totale introduced by the Annales school of thought, in that it looks at the whole, focuses on representations and the imaginary, and seeks recurrences. It is also related to the tradition of British cultural studies of the 1960s and is the product of late-twentieth-century paradigm shifts that led to an emphasis on the role of the individual, the place of politics, and the influence of the symbolic. Revue d'histoire culturelleis published by the Association pour le développement de l'histoire culturelleand features articles in French and English. It is joining OpenEdition Journals with open access to all five issues.