OpenEdition Journals is home to publications covering a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. The platform is particularly strong in archaeology, anthropology, cultural sociology, linguistics and literature, geography and the environment, political sciences, and Arabic, Mediterranean and Hispanic studies.
With a multilingual and translation-friendly interface, OpenEdition Journals currently hosts journals from thirty countries. All journals published on OpenEdition Journals have been assessed to ensure they meet the platform’s rigorous academic and editorial criteria.
Each journal has its own site on the platform. The journals can be accessed via OpenEdition Journals main catalogue and are indexed in university library catalogues.
All our journals are equipped with features that guarantee the long-term availability of data and make it easier to access, read, cite and share content.

Features and services

All the features and services proposed by OpenEdition Journals and by OpenEdition more generally are discussed in the following overview: